About me

My name is Parviz Kerim oglu Tahirov. I was born on May 10, 1979 in Baku - the most beautiful city of the world. For someone who doesn't know Baku is a capital of Azerbaijan.

The first education I received from 1986 till 1996 in school №189 (Russian sector). In 1995, while studying at the last class of school, I entered Khazar University (KU) of Baku as a student of School of law and social sciences. During my education, I received number of diplomas and certificates due to my excelent study. In 2000 I graduated Khazar University with honor bachelor degree diploma in international relations.

At the same year I entered the master school of KU. In July, 2002 I successfully defended master dissertation on "Murder commited in a condition of great mental disturbance (affect)" topic with the highest degree - 100 points. So, I became the Master of Law.

My working activity was very broad since 1997. From 1997 I worked at House-museum of Samed Vurgun, at the Azerbaijan National Library named after M.F.Akhundov, Azerbaijan State Russian Drama Theater named after Samed Vurgun, DreamArt web studio, AA Services, R.I.S.K. Company, Hertel Industrial Services and PASHA Bank. Work at DreamArt web studio was one of the happiest periods of my work experience. You can go to "Studio" section of this web site for reference.

I have smaller sister Nargiz, she is one year younger than me. She is a teacher at school №190 at Baku city.

On June 24, 2005 I got married. Her name is Lamiya.

On June 19, 2006 my son was born. His name is Nijat.

On December 09, 2008 my second child - daughter Farah was born.

My interests are soccer, music, movies, computers, books, etc. Favorite soccer team is Italy.